How can I trust IDSHUBS?

We are a market leader in this niche, Our company is not a reseller. Every order of our customers is dealt with directly without any intervention of a third party. For more than seven years now,

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  • Our Proof page has all relevant guidelines you require to know if a provider is legitimate.
  • You can also learn how we work with ultraviolet images and about our printing process.
  • We provide video animated evidence of our facility in China.
  • All our samples carry the imprinted initials of ‘IDSHUBS’ and ‘IDSHUBS.COM’, along with the signature.

The business of buying fake IDs has been around for a while. Although the reasons people buy fake IDs differ, it is usually to bypass age restrictions. For instance, the United States and other countries have laws that prevent young people from participating in and enjoying “adults only” activities. Depending on the age limits of your state, you must turn 18 or 21 to qualify for these benefits. But with counterfeit identification, you can adopt another age and easily participate in your favorite activities. 

Getting every detail right is crucial in the business of counterfeit identification. First, it is vital to get the information right. The simplest oversight can give you away, for example, wrong lamination, absence of hologram, conflicting information, or even a typo. This is why reputable fake ID vendors always identify the crucial features of a specific ID. Although each state has a unique design, the attributes are almost common in every case. 

  1. Holograms –The multi-level or multi-color effects of the hologram is visible only under a certain angle. It may be challenging to achieve double-layered and three-layered holograms, but the variable color technology of kinegram makes it the most difficult hologram to reproduce. 
  2. Magnetic Stripe – Your ID will be unscannable without a magnetic stripe. It simply consists of the encoded form of the information your ID carries. Your ID card vendor must use professional equipment to add a magnetic strip to ensure card readers pick up the barcode without issues. 
  3. Overlapping – Placing vital elements of an ID card together makes forging difficult. This is why you always have elements like texts, seals, signatures, and pictures overlapping in an ID. The same must be repeated in fake IDs. 
  4. Guilloche Pattern – This is a lace-type pattern formed by intertwining lines in a highly complex manner. Most new ID providers will struggle to get it right because it requires expensive printing machinery and prior experience. You will hardly find a replica with a perfect Guilloche pattern. 
  5. Perforation – Here is another detail often used to detect a fake ID. Exposing a card to alight from behind shows that the laser cuts were made from the front side. It also reveals cones of specific shapes. 
  6. Laser-engraved Marks – You cannot erase laser-engraved marks without rendering the ID unusable, which is why authorities include it on cards. 
  7. Crucial Embossed Elements – You can detect the presence or absence of these features at a close look or by touching. A fake ID is only usable when all these features are present. 
  8. UV Features – Most driver’s licenses contain effects and images only visible under UV light. Imprinting these features is very challenging, and this is why you must work with the best fake IDs providers to ensure your car passes a black light test. 

For every customer who provides us with his requirement, be it a first-time Driving License, a State ID, a Student ID, or maybe a Press Card

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Perhaps due to curiosity, most people always wonder, “how are fake IDs produced?” Well, most contemporary fake IDs are manufactured rather than handmade. But the complex nature of the craft demands a certain level of expertise. Producers must also pay serious attention to details. The first step is submitting your personal information to the producer, who then adds it to the photoshopped ID alongside other important features. Printing is next, followed by engraving and embossing. Finally, he laminates the card. 

But before delivery, he must subject the card to certain tests like scanning and UV test. Only a novelty ID card that passes these tests can be said to be ready for use. He then disguises the card as an innocent parcel and sends it down to you