Buy Pennsylvania Driver license and PA DMV Permit Nondriver Identification Card

Comes in the form of rigid plastic cards. The Current Pennsylvania Fake ID Driver License has 1D and 2D barcodes on the back. The Previous License has a magnetic stripe with two 1D and one 2D barcodes on the back. The out-of-state address may be present.

In the case of CDL, there is a “COMMERCIAL DRIVER’S LICENSE” in blue and “CDL” on the map at the bottom right. There may be veteran or donor designations.

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New Pennsylvania Fake ID Driver’s License Design

PennDOT rolled out new Pennsylvania fake driver’s licenses and identification cards with an updated design and security features in June 2017.

The new features of the cards aim to prevent identity theft, fraud, and counterfeiting, which is in line with PennDOT’s periodic upgrades to its processes and products.

pennsylvania fake id

Following the expiration of a contract with its vendor for a commonwealth driver’s license and the signing of a new contract, PennDOT released enhanced security features and updated its driver’s license and ID card design.

The new contract came into effect in August 2015 and brought about updates, although they are not related to the REAL ID Act.

In the past 22 months, PennDot partnered with MorphoTrust USA to plan, design, and roll out its products with the new security upgrades and enhancements.

The deployments of the new pilot products began at the Harrisburg location on June 19, 2017, and all driver and Photo centers are expected to smoothly transit to issuing the new products at the end of October 2017.

The newly designed driver’s license and ID cards will be released in phases over a 4-year renewal cycle to replace both driver’s licenses and ID cards.

During the transition period, both the new card designs and the old designs will be accepted by the law enforcement agents until the end of the transition period.

The newly designed cards are not REAL ID-compliant due to the lack of some needed infrastructure and process changes. But Pennsylvania hopes to issue ID cards and driver’s licenses that are REAL ID-compliant and make them available to citizens who want them by 2019.

In the course of the normal renewal process, the old cards will be phased off. Right now, cardholders have no immediate need to replace their licenses and ID cards. However, they can do so if they want. They simply have to request a duplicate identification card or driver’s license and pay the necessary fees.

New Look and Security Features On Pennsylvania Fake ID

The new pennsylvania Fake ID Ecards have a different look from the existing cards, and they also come with new and enhanced security features.

These features help to reduce the risk of fraud, protect the card from being altered, and against counterfeiting.

The newly designed cards are compliant with the newest security specifications rolled out by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA).

Here is a list of some enhanced features and changes that come with the new pennsylvania Fake ID cards:

  • 1D and 2D barcodes on the front of the card containing visible data.
  • The absence of the magnetic strip is usually seen at the back of the old card.
  • Increased size of the primary photo and reduced size of the ghost photo
  • The cards are laminated with the aid of an optically variable pattern and the bear ‘1787’ (the year Pennsylvania ratified the U.S), an outline of the Keystone, and the motto (Virtue, Liberty, Independence)
  • A laser perforation: You can see an outline of the Keystone alongside ‘PA’ embedded in the card stock when you hold the card up to a source of light.

“TEMPORARY” is included on Temporary Licenses in the data area. The expiration date is written in red on temporary licenses, a gray band on current licenses, and two gray bands on previous licenses.


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