What are the most common states you find on fake ID cards

The times are slowly changing from when you could carry a fake ID around and not worry about getting caught. But with several states improving their IDs and licenses to comply with the REAL ID Act, That said, the constant law reinforcement makes it more difficult by the day to make a best fake ID

  • The exact weight and size
  • Overlapping elements and overlaminate layering
  • Ghost images
  • Laser-engraved elements and perforations
  • Embossed and tangible features
  • Accurate holograms and Guilloche patterns
  • Functional barcode and magnetic stripe
  • UV-visible effects, texts, and pictures

As states transit from laminated PVC identification cards and embrace polycarbonate IDs or Teslin, there are chances of getting a fake ID for both.

What to note when seeking a fake ID

The truth is, you can expect counterfeit IDs to get the job done in most cases. However, this depends on how good and experienced your ID provider is. Only the best fake ID Maker can imitate an ID without missing out on any crucial features. 

  • Ensure that the company providing the document makes use of cutting-edge technology and upgraded card manufacturing systems. 
  • The company must have the right technology to incorporate a premium card manufacturing process to ensure that your fake ID comes out in the highest possible quality.
  • Don’t just use any company that approaches you, but ensure that they can keep to the standards you need.
  • Download the ‘Wickr me’ application and run a search for a fake ID producer. (Jake marrow does a good job, and you can engage his services)

Security-conscious organizations usually put stringent measures in place to protect their image. They are also financially capable of securing powerful scanning machines that can conduct black light tests. This is why you must work with trustworthy fake ID producers that offer heads up on where you are most likely to use your fake IDs with no hassles. Such recommendations are based on the drinking culture of the state and related factors. 

What are the most commonly faked states for ID cards?

Many persons who opt for fake ID cards choose the states with licenses with the fewest security features, so they have lower chances of being caught. Here are some of such leading states.

  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Maine
  • New Jersey
  • New Hampshire
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island

Apart from these states, people use several others for fake IDs, but not as much as the states listed above. You mostly find them on the East Coast, and they include:

However, most of these states or even all have rolled out IDs made of Polycarbonate or Teslin and are compliant with the REAL ID act.

How to spot a fake ID

Right now, we see a mixture of old and new ID cards around, but it is still possible to identify a fake ID card if you have the right training. 

Most of these IDs look real, so while waiters and waitresses might find it hard, bouncers might succeed at it.

  • Use a UV light
  • Use a loupe.
  • Study the features closely for differences.
  • Pay attention to details.

Let’s look at the images of two of the new Teslin ID cards issued in Rhode Island. 

The ID on top is the real one, while the one at the bottom is a fake.

best fake id states

When you look at both ID cards closely, you’ll see subtle differences. However, it might be hard to pay attention to them if you’re handling a large crowd, or you’re attending to customers in a busy restaurant.

Finally, note that the states used in fake ID cards are often changing, so keep your eyes and mind open.

What is a Fake ID?

A fake ID is also called the fake driver license. It is a fake identification document that wasn’t issued or legalized by the State authority, but looks like a real ID. There are probably the following three types

Altered IDAltered ID is the name implies, an altered ID is an existing identification document that was name, address, state, Birth of date changed or modified. And other vital information on the ID changed and replaced with another one. Your friends, relatives, colleagues, or lookalikes can alter your identification to replace it with theirs to achieve a particular goal. Altered IDs were common practice many decades ago.
Novelty IDmclovin novelty idNovelty IDs are used to mock or indicate club membershipn Novelty ID is an ID card that is not a Copy of the ID issued by any state, School and Government .
Fake Real IDgeorgia fake driver licenseFake Real ID Which use genuine sophisticated materials and high quality equipment for the production of documents, All security features of official driver license and other citizenship documents are incorporated .

What state should my fake id be from

Before buying a fake real id, you must understand the id card features of each state, Every card and driver’s license in the United States comes with security features that make them unique.

ID Features You Should Note

  • Laser engraved feature
  • 3D tractile feature
  • Ultraviolet “UV” printed variable data
  • Laser perforation
  • Microprinting
  • Hologram overlay or OVI laminates
  • Name order
  • Material – PET/PVC or Teslin ID or Polycarbonate cards

Ultraviolet “UV” Printed Variable Data

Many of the fake licenses and IDs usually come with security features that you can easily see under a UV light. A good example is the approved Texas driver’s license.

To detect a State ID’s security details, hold it up, and slant it at a given angle. You should be able to see the details clearly. By observing the front of the ID, you’ll notice the state’s seal, alongside three shiny stars.

Laser engraved and 3d tractitle feature

A laser is used in this case to achieve a shifting image, add haptic feedback to the touch, or create a raised surface on one side of the card.

  • Touching and observing a card is another way to spot a fake one.
  • Also, any state ID card whose corners are rough and are beginning to come off is not an original ID card.
  • Laser-etched lettering cannot be found on the back of the license, Shift the card in the right light source such that there is a haptic feedback to the touch.

However, answers touching the originality of ID cards may not be too unambiguous to find. This is because several other elements come into play during the identification of an original ID card.

Hologram Overlay Sticker or OVI Laminate

OVIOVI is a measure applied to laminates and overlays to address counterfeit problems.
HologramsHolograms are simple words that work like stickers.
Laminatesdriver license laminateLaminates are individual IDs that are extracted from large sheets with the lamination of color-shifting ink or OVI to large sheets of Teslin paper.

Laser Perforation

the shape of a turtle on front of the license made with laser perforation. and is also visible on the back of license when held the id up to a light source.


  • This is achieved by integrating miniature letterings into fine-line backgrounds or positioned to look like bold lines.
  • The scale here is usually too minute to be seen with the ordinary eyes. Hence
  • It appears as a solid line except when read under magnification. 

PET/PVC or Teslin ID or Polycarbonate cards

The polycarbonate or Teslin card is another type of fake ID.

PET/PVCIt is also known as PET (polyethylene terephthalate) Designed with layers of polyvinyl chloride or PVC glued with strong pressure and strong adhesives. It is a durable thermoplastic that is often used for indestructible eyeglasses and bullet-proof glass. According to tests carried out on these kinds of cards, they can last for up to eight years
Polycarbonate ID CardDuring the production of ID cards, pure polycarbonate sheets are arranged in layers to produce the most durable and strongest ID cards and driver’s licenses found in North America today.
Teslin ID Cardteslin paper idTeslin paper is a bendable, water-resistant, tear-resistant, and synthetic paper material that is used in the ID badge industry due to its flexible surface. It is used for inkjet printing (dye-based) and laser printing and offset.

Why Do People Look for Fake ID Cards?

List to these Lyrics fake id Riton and Tipsy Lyrics

Teen drinking is very bad
Yo, I got a fake ID though

There are different reasons people look for means to obtain a fake identity card in their residence states. The most common cause is to carry out activities that are prohibited by the law – particularly as regards age. Some of these reasons include:

  • Minor Drinking
  • Access to Clubs and Bars
  • Authentication on Online Platforms

Minor Drinking

This happens to among the top reasons youngsters go over and beyond to look for fake IDs.

  • They want to engage in some alcohol adventures, but their ages happen to be the barrier between them and the fun they want to have.
  • Laws prevalent in the United States places the minimum age for alcoholic substances as 21 years.
  • Most bars and bear centers are usually guilty of this crime, even though they are aware of the risks of losing their license for indulging in such acts.

However, statistics show that more than 65% of minors in the US have their way with alcohol using fake identity cards.

Access to Clubs and Bars

Laws in the US also prohibit minors from gaining access to adult centers like bars and clubs. But more than half of teenagers in the US go against the law and always find their way into these centers using fake identity cards.

Authentication on Online Platforms

In recent years, social media platforms have undergone harsh scrutiny for permitting minors to use them against the law.

These platforms changed up many things and now require users to provide valid means of identification before being granted access. As a result, minors began to opt for unauthentic ways to sneak into these platforms before turning 21.

Other Purpose

You may have other purposes for wanting to use a fake driver’s license or ID and the type of ID you use usually depends on the particular purpose.

  • If you plan to use a fake ID for a festival event, you can use any state license since different people from different places are usually found at festivals.
  • The place where you want to use the id: This factor consists of half the importance of a fake id. You might face problems in using a fake id of one place in another but for some places, it is just fine. Therefore, select the location with care.
  • Why you even need an id: this also plays an important role in deciding the state of your id. Many state ids don’t have enough permission for the things that you want to do but some states provide you with a lot of permissions.

However, bouncers may become suspicious since using a fake ID is fast becoming a common practice. So, if you’re going to use a fake ID, do the following:

Choose a State Close to Where you Reside

Choosing a nearby state will help you easily bypass bouncers and other security agencies, as it will be difficult to compare with other people’s cards. Anyone can have an ID of another state because they’re going to school in the present state or because they are on visitation. You could give any of these reasons as to why you have a fake ID, and no one will suspect a thing.

Chose Your Current State of Residence

You can get a fake ID for your state of residence provided you are getting it done from a professional premium fake ID maker. If the difference between the fake ID and the new one is hard to detect, you may go undetected and without issues.

Choose States with Large Population

Reviews from users of fake ID have shown that using IDs of states with large population works almost every time. Choosing states like California, Texas, and New York will help you stay undetected when you’re using a fake ID.

Choose states from best reliable fake id vendor

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IDGOD Best States we recommended New Texas states fake id

Best States for Fake ID

It is important for you to consider which is the best state to get your ID card for. 

  • Less Security Features
  • Scannale 
  • Price 
  • Graphic Design

According to reviews and most comments from previous users of fake IDs, California, Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island and Connecticut are the best states for counterfeit ID.

  • Texas State Fake Real ID
  • Kansa Fake ID
  • Ohio Fake ID (one of the easiest state id to replicate)
  • Rhode Island Fake ID
  • Delaware Fake ID
  • Verginia Fake ID

Above sates are best seller with all the security features of real cards, microprinting, laser engraved, Optical variable data, Ultraviolet light.


When making your first fake ID, selecting the state might be somehow difficult. That’s why we shared the best states to use when making a fake ID and the best available options after putting several factors into consideration.Taking scanning and pricing into consideration is very important before settling for a fake ID. Other important factors should also be considered.

Carrying out due diligence before choosing a fake ID maker is also important, as this will help you find out the person’s history and how reliable they are.Buying fake IDs is much safer today as a result of online services and the fact that many people now engage in the practice. Many people have succeeded in buying fake IDs, but some consequences come with it.For instance, if you do not use the right channel to get your fake ID, you may have to get fined or be jailed for up to 5 years. That’s why you need to use the right channel if you must take the risk of getting a fake ID.