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IDSHUBS is a type of fake license that allows minors to avoid the age restrictions in consuming liquor. Fake ids are sold by us for raising the age artificially in the age document. The fake id looks exactly similar to the original id. With the help of this ID you can easily have beer at any nightclub. The fake id shows your age more than 21 years and you can take the advantage of it.

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Since February 24, 2020, the Driver License Division, iowa Department of Public Safety, started issuing new and updated Driver License, Identification cards, and Election Identification Certificate for citizens.

Iowa Fake Driver License

These newly issued cards come with multiple security features alongside new indicators and designations for cardholders

Below are some special designations that can be added to your ID cards or driver’s license in Iowa. These designations are added based on request, and are simply voluntary.

Veteran Designation and Indicator

The cardholder can decide whether or not they want the veteran designation placed on their ID or driver’s license.

Several hotels, restaurants, and other businesses offer discounts to veterans, but they would need to prove it. For this reason, if you get the veteran designation on ID, you don’t need to go around with your military documents.

Organ donor designation

Organ donors are heroes who donate their tissues and organs to save lives and offer a lasting solution to people who depend on those organs to live a full life.

As an organ donor who saves lives by donating, the legacy is one that deserves to be mentioned and, you can get the designation placed on your card.

Deaf or Hard of hearing Indicator

A cardholder can choose to have their license or ID display the deaf or hard of hearing indicator.

Such an indicator would be in the official database and officers will take note of it when asking questions. However, this indication is voluntary.

Medical indicators

When applying for a driver’s license or ID card, you can request for a medical directive to be indicated. Iowa Fake ID – Best Scannable Driver License Maker

When you indicate on your ID that you have an advance directive, such as a power of attorney or will, medical providers can refer to this notice if you get in a crash.

Indicator for Autism spectrum disorder

A cardholder can request to have an autism spectrum disorder indicator in front of the card and in the official database to avoid being treated negatively people because you behave differently.

 The voluntary indicator also helps people in case the holder exhibits an odd behavior while driving or somewhere else.

Driver’s License Sample for Adults with indicators

  • Communication impediment identifier
  • Organ donor indicator
  • Veteran Designation

Under 21 Driver’s License with Indicators

  • Communication impediment
  • Organ donor identifier


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