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Information about the New Minnesota Fake ID cards and Driver’s License Designs

In August 2018, the Public Safety Driver and Vehicle Services Department in Minnesota, started to issue identification cards and driver’s licenses with new designs. These redesigned cards, which are now useed instead of the card designs used since 2004, can be found at all Minnesota Fake ID driver’s license service centers in Minnesota.

Some Things To Know About the Redesigning

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Firstly, you don’t have to apply for a new ID card or driver’s license because of this change, as your current ID is still valid in Minnesota until its expiry date.

If you live in Minnesota, you have the opportunity of applying for cards complaint with the REAL-ID Act beginning from October 2018 to October 2020 if you want. However, you can still use your standard ID and license for all federal purposes.

Finally, the new card costs the same as older ones.

Minnesota Fake ID New Design

The redesigned Minnesota Fake ID cards have the colors of Minnesota and branding with a background that shows the  rocks on the Mississippi River. It also shows a canoeist on the water, and a pine forest.

Under-21 Card Description and Features

Drivers under 21 will get a vertical driver’s license to identify a minor.

  • An inscription showing that the holder is under 10 or 21 below the portrait.
  • Holders who are below 18 have it written inside a yellow tab alongside the date they will turn 18.
  • People below have theirs written within a red box.

Additional Security Features

  • Ghost image at towards the right edge at the bottom
  • Intricate background with multiple colors
  •  An embedded walleye photo, which you can see when you hold the card up towards the light.

U.S. Department of Homeland Security REAL ID Features

All new cards will have one of these features in compliance with the REAL ID law

  • A ‘TEMPORARY’ sign stating that the license holder stays in the U.S temporarily.
  • A star to indicate that it is compliant.
  • An Identification stating that it is not for federal implies that the card does not comply.

New Colors for Headers

New license styles come with different colors depending on the kind of card. Standard and commercial licenses have one color. While red is the color for adults, black is the color for minor cardholders.

Added Indicators

The recent IDs come with several other indicators, alongside applicable font depending on the cardholder.

  • Organ donors have a heart and Donor inscribed.
  • Cardholders who are 65 and above have SENIOR indicated based on request
  • Metro Mobility is represented by an A marking while an represents Limited Mobility.
  • The inscription stands for a Temporary or Standby Custodian, while M marking indicates a Medical notice.
  • A lower transportation fare carries T.

Behind the Minnesota Fake ID Card

Behind the Minnesota Fake ID card, you’ll find a magnetic stripe containing identification data and a barcode in 1D containing the license number. You’ll also find a 2D barcode with identification data at the bottom.

You’ll find other features including veteran 100%, T and P for total or permanent disability, and living will or health care directive. You will also find regular fields, lifetime fields, and the Department of Natural behind in cases where they apply

Available Minnesota Fake ID Cards to Consider

You can choose any of the following cards, depending on what you want to use it for.

  • Enhanced ID or license
  • REAL Minnesota Fake ID-compliant ID or Minnesota Fake driver’s license
  • Standard ID or driver’s license


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