Buy Nevada Fake Driver License and Government Nondriver Fake ID Card

 Undocumented immigrants have a “DRIVER AUTHORIZATION CARD” carrying a “NOT VALlD FOR IDENTIFICATION” notice on top of the head bar, while Documented immigrants are issued “LIMITED-TERM DRIVER LICENSE”

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New Look and Security Features on Nevada Driver License


The license for Minors is in vertical format and has “UNDER 18 UNTIL (date).” written in red.

The ID has 10 digit numbers, although older versions might have 12 digits.

New applicants have an 8-year validity for new applicants, 4-year validity for holders with odd birth years, and 8 years validity after renewal. Adults over 65 have a 4-year license and 8-year ID card.

Driver authorization cards have a 4-year duration, while non-U.S. citizens have an expiry date that matches the immigration documents and doesn’t exceed 8 years.

Validation Details

A state seal overlapping photo, ghost image overlapped by perforated state outline, state seal in multiples and different colors. Microprinting, visible under UV light, and fine-line background.

On the back, you find a duck, a bird, and “BATILE BORN,” written in microprint

Drinking law and Nightlife in Nevada

Alcohol is sold for 24 hours in Nevada, with little or no restrictions exist on sales and consumption of alcohol, except for age restriction. The only place where alcohol purchase is controlled is in Panaca.

The maximum alcohol abv sold is 80%.

According to state law, public intoxication is legal, and state law prohibits the existence of any law that makes it a public offense.

The Chandelier bar is a great spot for Nightlife in Nevada with a beautiful bar, which is the perfect location for delicious drinks, coupled with amazing views, and great music.

Fat Tuesday is a great Bar/Club that offers a great variety of boozy slushies, including the Pineapple Amaretto and the Electric Lemonade. All the fat Tuesday slush drinks are delicious and affordable, but you need an ID to get in. You can also check out Banger brewing and Grand Sierra Resort and Casino.

What you should know about gambling with a Fake ID in Las Vegas Nevada

There are dire consequences for underage gambling in Las Vegas, and culprits who use a fake ID to gamble can receive misdemeanors and even go to jail according to Nevada law.

If you visit a casino in Las Vegas with a fake ID and get caught, you will have to give it to the authorities before claiming your wins, which means you can still get caught. In such a situation, you would need the help of a Las Vegas criminal defense attorney.

Let’s find out the consequences of using a fake ID for gambling before getting into it.

What is the Legal Gambling Age in Nevada?

Las Vegas has the same legal gambling age as the rest of the State, which is 21 years old.

If you have ever heard of people celebrating their 21st birthdays in Las Vegas, it is because the law allows them to gamble at midnight just before their 21st birthdays.

If you gamble before you’re legally 21, there will be consequences.

Here’s What to expect if you Get Caught Gambling Underage

Nobody under 21 is allowed to enter a casino, whether to gamble or escort an older person who is gambling.

Even if you enter a casino unnoticed using a fake ID, your ID will be checked if you win a gamble, which is where you will likely get caught.

If you gamble using someone’s ID, you could be charged for identity theft, even if the owners permitted you. The fine for identity theft amounts to about $1,000 fine and six months in prison because it is a misdemeanor.

You can get a criminal record for identity theft once you get arrested in a Las Vegas casino.

Although using another person’s ID for gambling isn’t as severe as identity theft or using the ID to steal funds, it is still a serious and punishable offense under Nevada law, and you will be dragged to court.

Contact an expert Las Vegas attorney if you get caught in underage gambling.

Contact a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Las Vegas Immediately

If you get caught gambling with a fake ID or an ID belonging to someone else, it is pertinent that you seek the help of a criminal defense lawyer to help plead your case.

The team of experienced lawyers at De Castroverde Law Group will argue on your behalf in court, whether it is your first offense or a repeated one.

We understand that it can be scary and immensely stressful to face charges for using a fake ID for gambling in Las Vegas. We will use our knowledge of the law to support you and plead your case.

Final Thoughts

Avoid gambling with fake IDs in Las Vegas at all costs, even if you are a few days away from your 21st birthday.

Contact us for expert help if you ever face identity theft or underage gambling charge.

For expert legal counsel concerning underage gambling or identity theft charge, contact our criminal defense attorneys to help you.


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